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May 14 2015

Fibroids - Natural at Home Remedies to Shrink Them

When I first found out that I had fibroids was a student in my first ultrasound appointment once i was three months pregnant. The doctor told me that they were very small in size. Fast forward 4 years later and they have grown towards the size of a small grapefruit and an orange. Yes, Now i have fruits growing during my stomach.
fibroids miracle

Even though they protruded generating my belly appear to be I was a woman in their first trimester, that wasn't my priority. The real problem was the heavy menstrual flow. It became so bad that on the first two days of my period I needed to use 10 - 12 pads each day! Compounding this was the fact I was already anaemic so I became quite tired all the time. My doctor even wanted me too try taking a little tablets to stop my periods for 3 months so that my body could get a higher haemoglobin level. I refused however, ever since i came off the contraceptive pill 6 years back I vowed not to take those type of medications again. fibroids home remedies

Can this sound like you? In that case you are certainly not alone. It's estimated that two out of every three women of reproductive age will develop fibroids. For many of these women their fibroids go undetected because they are too small to cause any symptoms. However for those women who experience such symptoms as heavy menstrual bleeding, swollen abdomen, pelvic pains or painful intercourse their fibroids are on their mind constantly.

Like lots of women who have reached this stage you might be cautious when surgery is suggested as an option and prefer to try a natural or herbal remedy. Natural treatments can prevent new fibroids from growing and they can also shrink the present fibroids, ease discomfort and potentially get rid of the need for any surgery.

To be able to reduce the size of your fibroids naturally you must be willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to accomplish this. Here are a few things you can do at home.

Lifestyle changes

Limit the amount of estrogen that enters your body. Reducing estrogen exposure can shrink your fibroids naturally. This consists of limiting or eliminating the use of birth control pills, hormone replacement drugs, spermicides and pesticides.

A liver detox is shown to reduce the build up of those toxins in the liver, thus helping contribute towards shrinking fibroids. The liver accounts for breaking down hormones so if it has to work too hard it will not function effectively.


Avoid fatty foods found in meats and dairy food, alcohol and excess sugar.

Certain foods produce mucous within the body which cause fibroids to grow. Therefore eliminate the use of both cows milk and soy milk and employ almond milk instead.

Use fish that is rich in essential fatty acids, as opposed to poultry and red meat.

Untreated heavy menstrual bleeding can cause fatigue and anemia, a direct result low red blood count, this means you will be necessary to eat more iron rich foods and supplements.

Use whole grain products, such as brown rice, oats, millet, nuts,flax seeds, vegetables and fruit. A multivitamin containing Vitamins A, C, and E.


Losing weight can potentially help shrink uterine fibroids naturally because excess estrogen is stored within fat cells and fibroids tend to be more common in overweight women. With all the guidance of your physician take up a diet and exercise routine. Make it a goal to exercise at least thirty minutes daily.

Decrease stress

Practice reducing stress techniques. Stress can deplete progesterone in your body and lead to a surge of estrogen.

So what did I really do you may wonder? Well Together with changes to my everyday diet I proceeded a herbal program especially for fibroids. It has been two months now and my menstrual flow has decreased considerably.

So shrinking fibroids naturally is possible however it does take discipline and patience so that you can stick to your healthy lifestyle plan and get the results you are looking for.

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